Welcome to the demonstration site for Elysium's Xalter framework.

Unlike traditional content management solutions, Xalter is able to manage any form of content by using novel extensions to the basic platform. These can be customised and combined on a page to offer a simple, but highly functional, way for you to present your information.

This site shows how, in combination with Elysium's design skills, a variety of these extensions can offer sophisticated functionality to specific market sectors - publishing, digital imaging, real estate, event calendar and so on. Extensions that are specific to your market can soon be added - talk to us about it!

Xalter Events screen-shot

Xalter Events

Event publicity, booking and management with optional RSS feeds, bookmarking and other features.

Xalter Magazine screen-shot

Xalter Magazine

The electronic alternative to conventional publishing, with a more traditional look.

Xalter News Desk screen-shot

Xalter News Desk

Do you need a dynamically generated News archive, latest news column and more?

Xalter Gallery screen-shot

Xalter Gallery

An easy and attractive way to display sets of photos. Talk to us about how we could customise it for you.

Xalter Shop screen-shot

Xalter Shop

This example shows a simple cart application allowing your customers to order paper publications.

Xalter Property screen-shot

Xalter Property

Selling cars, property or any other high value commodity? Xalter helps you present it effectively.

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